“How to Track My Chevrolet Order” Quick Tracking Tips!

Instant Chevrolet Order Tracking – How to Track Online

Tracking your Chevrolet order is a breeze with the GM Order Tracking system. Just recently, I followed my own 2024 Corvette through its journey, and it was fascinating! To start, visit the Chevrolet website. There, you’ll need your order number, typically given by your dealer. 

The system shows real-time updates on your vehicle’s progress and status, including the estimated delivery date and its current location. I remember the excitement when my vehicle’s status shifted to “Vehicle in Transit”!

GM Workbench: The Ultimate Dealer Tool for Order Tracking!

If you’re a Chevrolet dealer, the GM Workbench Order Tracking tool is incredibly handy. It provides detailed insights into customer’s orders. For individual customers, Chevrolet.com offers an easy-to-use live chat session. You’ll interact with a representative who can provide specific details based on your VIN or order number. This tool was particularly useful when I was tracking my Chevy Bolt order. 

Plus, the Official Chevrolet (GM) Tracker offers additional Support and Contact Details for any inquiries. Just enter your email address and zip code to get started. The Chevrolet Order Status Codes also give a clear picture of each phase, be it “Order Received” or more.

Event Codes And Definitions – GM Order

Event CodeDescription
0500Definition of this status is currently unknown
1000Order on holder at dealership
1100Order placed at dealership / Preliminary order accepted
1101Order entered into the system
1102Order entered via web
2000Order accepted by GM
2001Order generated to dealer
2005Order replaced by GM Prospec order
2030Order edited by GM
2051Order changed thru web
2500Order preferenced, sent to production
3000Order accepted by production control
3100Order available to sequence
3300Order selected, scheduled for production
3400Order broadcast for production (loaded on assembly plant computers)
3450Import vehicle produced
3550Import vehicle shipped from port of origin
3575Import vehicle received at port of entry
3800Order produced, VIN is available
4000Vehicle available to ship
4104Bailment invoice
4106Bailment released
4150Vehicle invoiced
4B00Order bayed; vehicle is waiting on transportation or pulled for quality control
4200Order shipped
4300Intermediate delivery
4800Rail ramp unload; vehicle at railroad destination awaiting truck transport to dealer
5000Vehicle delivered to dealer
6000Vehicle delivered to customer
9000Order canceled

Source: GM Authority

Chevrolet Profile:

Chevrolet, an iconic American brand in the automotive industry, represents more than just a vehicle; it’s a legacy of innovation and competition. Born from the partnership of Louis Chevrolet, a visionary race car driver, and William C. Durant, the brain behind General Motors (GM), Chevy epitomizes the merger of passion and strategy. 

Co-founded in the early years of the 20th century, specifically in 1918, Chevy’s journey is a testament to enduring corporate excellence. As a key player among multinational corporations, GM, Chevy’s parent company, has sculpted an indelible mark on the global stage. This brand carries a rich heritage, mirrored in every Chevy model that rolls out today. 

Be it the strategic moves in the early years or the current range of vehicles, Chevy maintains its stance as a leader in the automotive industry, continuously adapting and evolving to meet the changing tides of time and technology.

The History of Chevrolet

Delving into the history of Chevrolet, it all began with the origins of a race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, and William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors (GM). Their collaboration in 1911 marked the birth of Chevy, an American brand known for its innovation and automotive prowess. Initially an independent company, Chevrolet was established on November 3, 1911, embodying the strengths of its founders. The merge with GM led to the famous slogan, “a car for every purse and every purpose,” emphasizing the brand’s commitment to offering practical, affordable, and reliable vehicles.

Today, Chevy’s lineup, featuring the robust Silverado and the family-friendly Traverse, caters to enthusiasts worldwide. This American brand has consistently provided a range of cars, trucks, and SUVs to meet every Windham driver’s needs, making a notable impact in the automotive world.

Vehicle Lineup

When exploring Chevrolet’s lineup, a diverse range of vehicles catches the eye. From the robust trucks like the Silverado to the versatile SUVs such as the Equinox, Chevy caters to various preferences of Corvette. Notably, Chevy is also a pioneer in electric vehicles, with the Bolt EV standing out as a popular model. Whether you’re tracking an order for a sleek city car or an eco-friendly electric option, Chevrolet’s popular models ensure there’s a perfect match for every driver. 

Chevrolet’s Technological Advancements

Chevrolet is at the forefront of automotive technology, integrating advanced features into their vehicles. The myChevrolet app allows drivers to remotely start their vehicle, lock and unlock doors, and receive maintenance alerts. Additionally, the OnStar system offers a robust safety and security system, providing emergency services and remote vehicle access.

Commitment to Sustainability

Chevrolet’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their investment in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and autonomous driving systems. These initiatives aim to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Global Production Network

GM produces a wide range of vehicles in various locations around the world, including 13 assembly plants in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, plus additional production facilities in China, Brazil, and other countries.

Sales and Customer Service Excellence

Chevrolet vehicles are sold worldwide through a network of dealerships. GM provides a range of services and programs to customers, including financing options, comprehensive maintenance and repair services, and dedicated customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I track my Chevy order?

To track your Chevy order, use the Chevrolet Order Tracking website with your order number, or download the MyChevrolet mobile app for detailed updates. You can also contact your Chevrolet dealership directly for information​​​​.

How long does Chevy in transit take?

Typically, from the time of placing your Chevy order to delivery at your dealership, it can take 4-10 weeks. This includes time for assembly, shipping to the regional distribution center, and trucking to your dealership​​.

Can you track your car with the My Chevrolet app?

Yes, you can track your car with the MyChevrolet app, which provides real-time status updates and expected completion dates for your vehicle as it moves through the assembly process​​​​.

How long to get a truck after it is built?

After a Chevy truck is built, expect a delivery time of about 10 to 12 weeks to take possession of your new vehicle.

How long does it take GM to build a truck?

The current timeframe to build and receive a new Chevy vehicle, including trucks, is approximately 10 to 12 weeks, mainly due to recent industry challenges.

How do I track my GMC order?

To track your GMC order, you can use GM or Chevy’s websites and get assistance through their live chat feature by providing your order number.

How do I track my Corvette order?

Tracking a Corvette order can be done similarly through GM or Chevy’s websites, where you can use live chat for updates on your order using the provided order number.

How long are Silverado orders taking?

Silverado orders typically take 6 to 8 weeks, but due to supply chain shortages, it could extend up to 3 to 9 months​​​​.

What happens after GM accepts order?

After GM accepts an order, it usually takes a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks for delivery, affected by industry challenges like component shortages​​.

How do I track my GM order with order number?

Track your GM order by using the GM or Chevy websites and providing your order number to a representative via live chat​​.

What happens after order processing?

After order processing, the order goes through stages like confirming product availability, picking, sorting, packing, and shipping to the customer​​.

What are the stages of order processing?

Order processing stages include order placement, picking inventory, sorting items, packing orders, and shipping them to the customer​​​​.

How long should an order be processing?

The time an order spends in processing varies based on business scale, inventory, and order management systems, and no specific timeframe can be universally applied​​​​.

Does processing order mean approved?

Processing an order indicates it’s being prepared for shipment, involving stock confirmation and item preparation, but doesn’t necessarily imply payment approval​​​​.


In wrapping up, the journey of tracking your Chevrolet order is not just about the anticipation of receiving a new vehicle; it’s a reflection of Chevrolet’s commitment to customer satisfaction and technological advancement. From the initial excitement of placing your order to the moment your vehicle’s status updates to “Vehicle in Transit,” each step in the GM Order Tracking process offers clarity and reassurance. 

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